Voilà! New Macaron Flavours.

  • Macaron Strawberry & Raspberry : Our signature strawberry ice cream with swirls of fruity raspberry sauce and crunchy macaron pieces.
  • Macaron Double Chocolate Ganache: A mixture of salted dark chocolate ganache and our classic creamy chocolate ice cream, with mini macaron shells to create a double chocolately experience.
  • Limited edition -Macaron Yuzu & Lemon – : A flavour that goes beyond traditional ice cream; lemon ice cream with swrils of lemon & yuzu curd sauce, and crunchy macaron pieces.

New Summer Drinks

Discover our new colourful and refreshing macaron drinks and smoothies, created for this summer season:

  • Berry in Love Macaron Smoothie
  • Iced Macaron Coffee Frappe
  • Citrus Macaron Crush

New Macaron Creations

  • Macaron Kiss Cone : Your choice between our macaron flavours: Yuzu & Lemon, Strawberry & Raspberry or Double Chocolate Ganache, combined with a matching ice cream or sorbet, macaron pieces and a sauce to create the perfect combination.
  • Mini Sundae : Choose between our macaron flavours: Strawberry & Raspberry or Double Chocolate Ganache. We will create the sundae of your dreams with a matching ice cream or sorbet, crunchy macaron shells, coulis or sauce, whipped cream and toppings.

Your favourite ice cream flavour, paired with our delicious pastry

Pair our delicious pastry, including crepes and waffles, with your favourite ice cream flavour and toppings of your choice.